Which comes first?

Yesterday, I wrote that progress and transformation in my business ALWAYS have been preceded by a change/upgrade in my thinking.

Your belief about whether you can achieve something is mission-critical because if you don’t believe it, it’ll be unlike that you’ll take sustained action to make your thought a reality.

However, the quicker you take action, the faster you’ll see results. And results will strengthen your belief in the strategies and techniques you employed and, more importantly, in yourself.

But here’s an honest to goodness secret:

Assuming you have the fundamentals in place, you will improve your sales and the amount of DEEnero you make faster by upgrading your mindset than learning new techniques.

That’s not conjecture. It’s a fact.

My closing rate improved because I truly believed I was a world-class platform closer. I expect to close well. I expect to be the highest selling speaker at events.

My belief in my selling skills improves my sales which strengthens my belief.

Here is a perfect example.

The first grand slam home run I ever had as a platform closer was when I sold $300,000 in 75 minutes at a breakout session at a seminar. I had closed well before, but not at that level. I sold more than anyone, even the folks who spoke on the main stage. That event strengthened my belief that I was a master closer.

But here’s the thing, young Hamlet, I would have never gotten the opportunity to sell at that event if I didn’t already think I could be great at speaking to sell.

Yes, it would help if you had techniques and strategies, but those alone will not give your long-term success. Instead, what’s going on inside your head is what’ll keep you stuck or help you to soar.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Power Of Belief” Dee

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