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The thing that’s holding you back

So, this email doesn’t have one lick of content, but it might end up being the most email you read this year if you want to get more clients. Here’s why…

The thing that’s holding you back is not a lack of techniques or strategies; it’s your thinking.

If your B.S. meter is going off right now, I get it because I struggle when someone says that to me, but it is the truth. The difficult thing is our limiting beliefs; we can’t see or accept that truth.

We so strongly hold onto our beliefs about reality that we can’t see actual reality. As a result, we keep banging our heads up against the wall. We keep looking for the “secret” when the secret is in the thing we are banging up against the wall.

Let me tell you a true story.

When I finally decided to live my lifelong dream of being a professional magician, I fervently believed that I’d be successful if I practiced and got good at my craft. I’d stay up late into the night rehearsing for what turned out to be non-existent shows.

My work ethic and passion were strong. My belief that I could do it was powerful.

It was my thinking that was holding me back.

Jon, a friend of mine, lent me a set of cassette tapes with the living legend, Dan Kennedy. Those particular tapes pre-dated his now-famous Magnetic Marketing program. On those tapes, Dan said the following that shook my world:

It’s more important to be a master marketer than to be a master of your craft. He went on to say that what he said might not be fair, but it was reality.

My belief changed instantly, so I started taking different actions, and as a result, my entertainment business exploded.

That’s where I typically finish that part of my “core story” before transitioning into how I got where I am today. But there’s more to the story.

After my business was cooking and I was doing 25 or more shows a month, I stopped working on my “mindset” and focused only on marketing and sales. Can you guess what happened?

If you’re thinking, “You stopped growing,” give yourself a prize. While I cracked the 100K mark as an entertainer, I couldn’t break through that level no matter how hard I tried or how much I studied and applied new marketing strategies.

I didn’t realize that doing more of the same things I was already doing would increase my success incrementally. So, once again, I banged my head against a wall, albeit a better wall.

To soar to the next level, I needed to upgrade my brain. My thinking needed to change. Guess what? My thinking never changed about that business because I was introduced to a new concept: information marketing.

But here’s the thing even about that.

I mastered the techniques and quickly broke the 100K mark in that business, but again got stuck. Again, I knew everything I needed to know, but I needed to upgrade my thinking to get to the next level.

Progress and transformation in my business have ALWAYS been preceded by a change/upgrade in my thinking.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Upgrade Your Thinking” Dee

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