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When leads don’t convert to appointments

I got the following question from an Inner Sanctum VIP:

“Good Doctor, I’m offering a pdf copy of my book, and people are requesting it, but not many are scheduling appointments. What can I do?”

The first question I have is if you have sufficient prospects to judge whether the funnel isn’t working. If only ten people requested the book, you can’t make that determination. If 100 prospects requested the book and no one made an appointment, there could be a problem.

The second question is, do you have a comprehensive follow-up system in place? Meaning, do you have a complete marketing funnel or just a couple of emails that go out? Remember that only a small percentage of people who inquire about something is ready to immediately “buy.” So you need to have an initial email campaign that goes for about a week, and then you need to contact your prospects at least once a week forever.

The third question is related to the second one; have you given your funnel enough time to work. Like you, I like instant results. But, the truth is, people will “buy” when they’re ready. Sure, we can inspire them to take faster action, but most of us give up on our prospects too quickly.

I’m going to commit marketing heresy here, but a pdf book is no longer the best conversion tool. Sure, people will opt-in to get it. They might even download it. But, few will read it.

Now the gurus will tell you it doesn’t matter if your prospects read the book or not because you’ve captured their contact information.

While there is a germ of truth in that, it is far better for your prospect to consume your information, especially if that information is structured to sell them on scheduling an appointment with you.

That’s why short webinars are such powerful lead magnets. The opt-in rate is excellent, and the consumption rate is far better than a book. Obviously, more people will watch a 12-minute webinar than will read a book. And, yes, in twelve minutes, you can deliver quality content, set yourself up as the expert and authority, and inspire people to book a consultation with you.

Next week I’m starting a new Webinar Mastery group where I’ll work with people to create their own short-form webinar funnel. Yes, it includes the webinar, the website, and all of the follow-up emails.

If you’re interested in joining us, reply to this email with “Webinar Mastery,” and I’ll get you the details.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Answer Man” Dee

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