What I’m listen to right now

Happy Friday, kemosabe.

I discovered something on YouTube I think you’ll enjoy.

It’s a recording of a motivational presentation by Earl Shoaff. Mr. Shoaf was Jim Rohn’s mentor who was Tony Robbins mentor. There’s no video, only audio but it’s worth the time to listen to this timeless wisdom.


The  Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass for May is released next week, and it is the most fun one to date.

I’ll be sharing with you cool techniques you will use as visual aids in your one-to-many sales presentations, either in person or on a webinar. These include magical slides that transform the way your audience thinks, an engagement strategy that involves the entire audience, how to capture your audience’s attention with a foolproof mindreading experiment, and much more. Not only do I teach you precisely how to do everything, but I also give you the premade slides to use.

Delivering entertaining and informative presentations is a MAJOR secret to success in one-to-many selling. Done correctly, you will engage your audience, get them to comply with what you want them to do, and close a helluva lot more sales or appointments.

Once a masterclass is released, it goes into the vault. There is no access to “back issues.”

Get more details about becoming an Inner Sanctum VIP and see if it’s right for you by going here:


Have a fantastic weekend.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Love The Classics” Dee