Two major errors I just made that could have cost me

I almost blew it by making an amateur mistake.

Last Friday, at 8:40 CT,  twenty minutes before I’m about to hit the stage and speak to 1,400 people, I decided to check the URL I set up for attendees of the conference to order my product online. (Typically, I have paper order forms only, but this was a tech crowd, and I was told that many want to order online.)

I type in the URL and get a damn error message. NOT GOOD.

The clock is ticking, ticking, ticking. I take a deep breath and methodically go through a mental checklist of why the link wouldn’t work. I discovered the problem and by 8:55, the link was operational which was a good thing because HALF of the audience ordered online.

I could have had a disaster on my hands had I not thought to check the link. No pats on Dr. Dee’s back though. That should never have happened. Even though I rocked the house, I should have never have had that level of stress before stepping on stage.

There are two major mistakes I made that I want you to never make regardless of whether you speak to sell or not:

Mistake #1: Doing work that is better outsourced. Sure, creating a simple redirect of an order link is easy for me but even so, I shouldn’t be the one doing it. I have people who I pay to do the tech parts of my business. That’s the kind of stuff they focus on. It’s not that I didn’t know how to do the redirect, it was that I had so many more pressing things to do on my plate, that I didn’t do it correctly. Actually, I never finished it.

Mistake #2:  How on God’s green earth could I have not checked the all-important order link to make sure it was working long before I had to go on stage? That’s easy; I didn’t have it as part of my mental, or physical checklist because it was a new procedure. Had I discovered the link wasn’t working the day before, there would have been no stress in fixing it. A simple note in my journal to “check the order link” would have solved the problem? You can bet your bippy that will be added to my “pre-show” checklist starting today.

Fortunately, I know what I’m doing when I get in front of an audience crushed it. In fact, in this month’s Inner Sanctum VIP Masterclass I’m going to take a deep dive look at this presentation and share the psychology, strategies, and techniques that make it so persuasive. Just my analysis of the close is worth admission. Oh, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you get on stage to speak or do webinars, what you’ll discover has to do with structuring ANY type of sales presentation for maximum results.

I’m releasing the Masterclass on the 15th, upgrade your status to VIP here so you don’t miss it:

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Almost Blew It But Didn’t” Dee