Sex Pistols Sales Secrets

Yesterday, I hopped into my Lexus, drove out of our gated suburban community to go the supermarket, fired-up Spotify, and crank me up some Sex Pistols.

What a wild rebel I am.

Before I share with you a sales secret from the Sex Pistols, I want to remind you that if you’re serious about increasing your sales month over month, you’ll want to become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP. The deadline is this Friday, so join now.

Okay, back to the Pistols.

I’m not sure if you were even around in the ’70s, but I remember vividly when the Sex Pistols came to the United States. It was a major news story. Adults were appalled, dare I say frightened, by Johnny Rotten, and the boys.

Those same adults failed to remember how their parents were shocked when Elvis shook his hips on the Ed Sullivan show. Many older folks thought the end of Western civilization was near when both Elvis and the Pistols hit the scene.

And that is precisely the sales and marketing genius of the Sex Pistols and any band that caused an uproar amongst groups of people who are not their target market AND considered the “enemy” of their target market.

The Sex Pistols knew who their target market was, and who their target market was not, and did everything possible to appeal only to the people in their target market, and by doing so, alienate everyone else. By pissing off the “enemy” of their target market, they endeared themselves and deepened the relationship with their tribe.

Now, I’m not telling you to become controversial and outrageous, but the PRINCIPAL of making your marketing appeal exclusively to the people you want to attract, and at the same time repel everyone else, is rock solid. In addition, selling against the enemy of the people in your target market is a surefire way to increase sales.

And remember, when you attract higher-quality leads, you close more sales.

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Dave “I Don’t Want A Holiday In The Sun” Dee

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