The secret to DOMINATING in the coming recession

It’s coming. There’s no doubt about it — the dreaded “R” word.

For some business owners, this will be a time of struggle and maybe even shutting their doors, but for others, their businesses will expand and dominate.

So how can you be in the latter category and avoid the former? The key is to clean up and sloppiness you in your business right now.

When times are good, you can thrive even if there are holes in your ship. When the economic waters get rough, those same holes can sink your boat.

And here is a truth that you might not want to hear:

The biggest hole you need to fix is in your sales process. Every lead you get when times are tough is essential because there will be less of them.

You need to make sure your sales process is airtight, so you don’t waste even one of them

You can no longer afford not to have your phone answered correctly and capture every lead that calls in.

You can no longer afford not to write persuasive sales copy. Your sales letters, VSLs, webinars, and platform sales presentations need to be stellar. (By the way, speaking to sell will be even more critical during a recession. But that’s another topic for another day.)

You can’t afford to make weak offers. You MUST make them irresistible, so your prospect is compelled to pull out his or her wallet and buy.

When you meet with a prospect, either in person or over the phone, your closing skills better be razor sharp.

It’s time to step-up your sales game, kemosabe. The good news is when you do be a master of sales persuasion, you will DOMINATE regardless of what is happening in the economy.

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Dave “Let’s Dominate In 2019” Dee