Don’t Be A Cheese Wiz Entrepreneur

Karen and I are on a little Vegas vacation as we speak.

Last night we went to China Poblano and had their famous “20 Vegetable Fried Rice.” It’s almost worth the four-hour flight just to consume that goodness.

On the flip side of goodness, you have Cheeze Wiz. What the hell is that science experiment anyway?

Yeah, I know some people love the stuff, maybe even you (hope not) but for the love of Pete it’s fake cheese! (Remember the hubbub when Dominos was exposed for using processed “mozzarella” on their pizza? Hopefully, you don’t eat Dominos pizza so it didn’t matter to you.)

Putting my obvious food snobbery aside, one must admit that authenticity is a major selling point.

I’m talking about authenticity on two levels.

First, is personal. If you want to create clients for life and generate loads of referrals, you have to let your clients know who you really are. Let them into your life. Tell personal stories in your marketing. You are selling you – regardless of the business you’re in.

Second is authentically caring about your prospects and clients. I’m dismayed by how many entrepreneurs are just in it to “get the check.” That sucks. And you know what? You can be successful by not really caring about your clients but that “success” will be fleeting.

You show you’re clients that you genuinely care about them, by doing your homework before you meet with them, so you understand something about them.

You show your clients that you authentically care about them by listening to them not with the intent to reply but with the intent to understand.

Your show your clients that you authentically care about them by following through on your promises small and large and when you screw-up, you apologize and try to make it right.

The bottom line is to be the Parmesan-Reggiano of your market not the jar of Cheese Wiz.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Food Analogies” Dee

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