The little kid’s strategy to sales success

I can’t believe I have five kids ranging from ages 14-22. It seems like yesterday I was holding Gina and David’s hands, playing “doggy,” with them, and seemingly always answering the question of, “Why, daddy?”

Kids instinctively want to know the reasons behind the decisions you make, especially when that decision affects them. Since I was the perfect parent, I never answered the “why” question with “Because I said so!” 🙂

In all sincerity, I tried to not answer with that short response. I knew that explaining the “reasons why” I was making a decision or doing something was important for them to understand.

It’s the same with your clients and prospects. They want to know the reason why you are having a sale, why there is a deadline for ordering, why they should order from you, etc. 

In 1912, John E. Kennedy wrote a book now titled, “Reason Why Advertising” where he drilled that point home, and the principles in that book hold true today.

What’s interesting is that you don’t need to have a great “reason why.” For example, if you make a special offer to create a cash flow surge, your reason why could because there is a holiday, a birthday, anniversary, crash and dent sale, etc. The key is to have a reason and let your prospect know what that reason is.

Every month, I create a cash flow surge campaign for the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIPs. All of the creative work is done for them. They just need to insert their offer. It’s plug n’ play.

This week, VIPs will be getting a ready-to-use cash flow surge campaign for October. Can you guess what the theme is? Yep, Halloween. The entire campaign is themed around this holiday, and the deadline is tied to the holiday. It has a built-in reason-why.

By the way, one of the reasons why you should upgrade to VIP  is for the done-for-you campaign you get each month. Heck, that single benefit MORE than pays for your membership.

Another reason why you should join NOW is the next masterclass, and cash flow surge campaign is being released this week, and I do not give access or sell “back issues.”  So every month you’re not a VIP, you are missing out on profit-producing materials.

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Dave “I miss being called ‘daddy'” Dee