A weird thing I do to sell more

It was ten minutes to show-time, and I had just finished my espresso. I slipped away to a location where I wouldn’t be seen, and I did it like I’ve done it so many times before.

Now that the energy was crackling inside my body and passion was flowing through me, I was ready to hit the stage, dazzle my audience, and sell. And sell I did, closing more than 50% of the room on a high-ticket product.

I was pleased with the results but not surprised because I had set myself up for success.

Sure, the product I was selling was spot on, I used my one-to-many selling template to create a sweet presentation, and the host of the event gave me a fantastic introduction. All of those things were an essential part of my success that day but, there was something else that was “hidden.”

That “something” was my ritual. This particular ritual helps me generate a whirlwind of controlled yet forceful positive energy I can release into my audience. And since selling is in great part a transference of emotion, my “pre-show” ritual, is a vital part of my sales success.

As part of the masterclass being released to Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIPs this week, I’m going to share my energy ritual (which has evolved since I first taught it) and more importantly, how to project that energy into the audience so as to change their state. 

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Dave “Strange Secrets That Work” Dee

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