The hamburger incident

The truth is that although your sales presentation makes a huge impact on your results, it means nothing if you don’t have an irresistible offer. Give me an offer that my target market ardently desires over a slick sales presentation every day of the week.

The late, great Gary Halbert once asked if you had a hamburger business, what is the most critical competitive advantage you’d like to have. Many people answered with, a great location, “secret sauce,” “the best burger,” etc. Gary said he would want a “STARVING CROWD.”

How many sales skills would you need to possess to sell a burger to a man who was starving? All you’d only need to ask one question, “You wanna buy this burger?”

Of course, selling is not that simple. You do have competitors trying to sell their burgers to the same starving crowd like you. You have to effectively “get to” the starving crowd. And, you must make sure that the folks in the crowd can afford to buy your burger. But the idea of finding a target audience who had a problem you can solve is powerfully simple and yet often ignored.

Ignoring the starving crowd principle happens all business, but it is most evident with people wanting to start an information marketing business. They come up with an idea for a product, spend their time and energy putting it together, and then try to figure out who they should sell it to. This is a “backasswards” approach.

You want to find a target market who has a problem that you can solve. That’s the starting point for a substantial information business. Using our “burger” analogy, you want to find a starving crowd an then make sure you can make a delicious burger for them.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Why Am I Hungry?” Dee