The BEST way to get prospects to sign-up and show up for a virtual event - Dave Dee

The BEST way to get prospects to sign-up and show up for a virtual event

Lend me your ear, my fine feathered friend, because I’m about to tell you the very best way to get your prospects to sign-up and then attend your virtual event.

Look no further than my methodology, because you won’t find any better.

Emailing your own list of unconverted leads is numero uno.


I thought so but read on Buttercup.

I know you probably knew that already. However, here is how to do it, so, again, you get maximum registrations and attendees.

Write one core invitation email with a lot of intriguing bullet points that pique your reader’s curiosity. Send that out on day one.

On day two, send out the same email with a different opening. The new opening should increase the anticipation for the event.

Repeat for days three and four.

Now here’s the big tip:

Send all of the emails to everyone on your list, including the folks who have already registered.

If you write the emails the way I instructed you to, they act as reminders to registrants and validation that they made a wise decision to sign up for your virtual event. They also create internal pressure that causes non-registrants to get off the fence and reserve their spot.

Follow this methodology, and you’ll be DEElighted.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Gold Nuggets Of Info” Dee


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