I guess I suck at selling - Dave Dee

I guess I suck at selling

Apparently, I suck at selling because I break most of the rules the “sales gurus” teach.

Heck, most of the time, I break the cardinal rule of selling because I don’t ask for the sale.

Wait just a cotton-picking minute.

How do I sell services in the $5,000-$25,000 range with a single call then?


Oh, wait a minute. I’ve got it!

I follow a system where prospects are pre-qualified and pre-sold on me before they ever meet with me over the phone or by Zoom.

Then, when I meet with the prospect, I follow a system for discovering what the prospect truly desires and then show the prospect a plan that gives them their best shot at success. No, I never guarantee results either. I always tell the prospect that I cannot guarantee results and make then make sure they acknowledge that.

So, what about not asking for the sale?


Most often, the prospect says to me, “How do we get started?” My system is structured, so they ask to buy.

What about if the prospect doesn’t ask?

I then use my fancy-pants close of “So, what do you think?”

Now, if I didn’t have a system for positioning, pre-framing, and pre-selling my prospect before I talked to them, I would need to use a lot of the traditional hardcore sales techniques. If I didn’t have a system for using “Psychic Sales” methods to get deep into the prospect’s mind during the meeting, I’d have to resort to used-car salesman, arm-twisting techniques to close the sales.

But, I’d rather maintain a high level of professionalism and make the closing process enjoyable for my prospect and myself.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sell Your Professional Services Professionally” Dee

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