The AMATEUR Mistake I Just Made

I just stepped off the stage after doing a 90-minute presentation, and I had to email you to let you know about a huge, amateur blunder I made, so you don’t make it.

Before I tell you about it, I want to let you know that tonight is the last opportunity for you to get in the Zig Ziglar training course with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank. If this interests you, then you can get the details here.

Okay, let me tell you how I blew it.

Yesterday, I also did a presentation and closed 56 people out of a room of 170 on the product I was selling — all good. “The King Of One-To-Many Selling” comes through again. Yay, me.

And then there was today.

I was selling a complicated, expensive program with many different parts. So, your faithful servant was doing the presentation, and everything is going well. I’ve got the audience in the palm of my hand. And then I looked at my watch.

“Holy Smokes, ” I think to myself when I realized that I miscalculated the amount of time I had by 15 minutes. To put the icing on the ugly cake, a lot of the folks in the audience had to get on a bus to attend an event shortly after I was supposed to be finished.

The long and short of it was that I needed to boogie – which is not good in any selling scenario, but really not good when making a complicated/expensive offer.

To make matters worse, and here is the BIG AMATEUR MISTAKE, I rushed my damn close. You should never rush your close. Cut out content but don’t rush through the most critical part of your presentation.

Some people would question why would I, someone who teaches one-to-many selling, admit to such a mistake? It’s not a very “guru” thing to do. In “guru-world” everyone crushes it all the time, right?

The reason for me telling you about my embarrassing error is so you can learn from what I did wrong, and to let you know, that even the best of the best have off days.  It’s okay. You’re not going to hit a home run every time you step up to the plate.

Okay, it’s time for a glass of Chianti and a steak.

Have a great weekend, and as always…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Live And Learn” Dee

P.S. There’s one more thing I wanted to tell you about the Zig Ziglar sales training program. I spoke for 40-minutes to Mark Timm, the Executive Vice President of Ziglar Inc. before I agreed to tell you about the program they are offering. I wanted to make certain the this was the real deal and would help you.

I can’t tell you if it’s right for you, but I can say with 100% confidence, the program is the real deal. I’d at least check it out and decide if it’s something that would benefit you.

Again, I was told that enrollment ends tonight. So if it interests you, go here now.

Okay, I am going to run. The wine is calling my name. 🙂