The $432,000,000 counter-intuitive rockstar secret

Four Hundred Million, Three Hundred Thirty-Two Thousand Dollars – in one year.

That was the gross ticket sales from Ed Sheeran’s tour in 2018.

Let that sink into your cranium for a moment.

He was the highest grossing musical artist, who beat out second place Taylor Swift.

What’s cool is that unlike Swift, who pays for a huge production, Sheeran performs mostly solo, letting his music do the talking.

Additionally, Sheeran had the lowest ticket prices among the top ten artists and eschewed selling VIP upgrade packages.

He did the opposite of what most of the artists are doing, and it paid off in spades.

The comment I hear a lot from business owners when it comes to the sales and marketing methodologies I teach is, “But no one else in my industry is doing that.” Um, yeah, Bubba, and that’s precisely why you should be doing it.

Your most significant breakthroughs aren’t going to come from what everyone else in your industry is doing; they’re going to happen by being different.

Just ask the $432,000,000 man.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero?

Dave “Maybe I Should Become A Rock Star” Dee

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