The $4 refunding weasel

Last week I was talking a fellow marketer who is promoting using a free book to generate leads. You know the deal, the book is free and you pay for shipping and handling.

Now, this dude’s book is excellent and is something he could sell, but some weasel ordered it and complained bitterly about it, and angrily asked for his $4 shipping fee back. My friend immediately refunded this jerk’s “investment.”

Listen, grasshopper; all leads are not created equal. In fact, neither are all customers, clients, or patients. Sometimes you’ve got to fire them.

But I digress, today’s message is about high-quality vs. low-quality leads.

Most business owners focus on the number of leads they generate instead of the quality of the leads. They obsess over cost per lead without taking into account while ignoring the fact that the lead source plays a significant role in the quality of the leads.

For example, putting on a public seminar or workshop to generate leads is undoubtedly going to cost you more than posting on Instagram but, the prospect who leaves their house to come to watch you speak is a much better-qualified prospect than someone who watches a one-minute video online.

The customers I generate when I speak-to-sell, have a higher lifetime value than those sourced from any other means because they have pre-qualified themselves before they ever hear me speak.

Source matters a lot.

If you’re not using public speaking and webinars to promote your business, you’re without a doubt missing out on the best source of leads there is.

Stop the madness by getting my book Sales Stampede. It gives you the system for creating a signature talk that will fill your coffers like nobody’s business.

No, it’s not free. It’ll cost you a whopping ten bucks.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Weasels Be Gone” Dee



About the Author Dave Dee

Dave Dee is the author of the new book, “Sales Stampede” that shows you how to create and deliver signature presentations from the stage or via webinars that sell your consultations, products, or services like magic. For more information and to grab your copy, CLICK HERE now.