The 10 commandments and a challenge

Today we continue with our “Eternal Truths” series with ten commandments of direct response marketing. These commandments were chiseled into tablets by marketing the gods, Halbert, Kennedy, Abraham, and others.

As you go through this “checklist,” I challenge you to look at all of the marketing you’re doing and see if you’re “sinning” by breaking these commandments.

  1. There shall always be a reason or reasons to respond.
  2. Thou shalt not do any marketing where results cannot be tracked.
  3. Thou shall create Godfather type offers.
  4. Thou shall use deadlines, limited quantities, and other strategies to get people to respond now.
  5. Thou shall use compelling headlines to grab your prospects attention.
  6. Thou shall give precise instructions to tell prospects how to respond.
  7. Thou shalt not do “one and done” marketing but rather create campaigns.
  8. Thou shall write copy that appeals to your prospect’s self-interest and what they want, need, and desire.
  9. Thou shalt not care what your competitors, spouse, employees, or other people think about your marketing as long as it is effective.
  10. Thou shall follow proven direct response marketing principles regardless of the media used.

So, after looking at these commandments, are you going to heaven, hell, or purgatory?

Tomorrow we’ll examine the next “eternal truth” of entrepreneurial success, the mystical marketing shape.

Dave “Carrying The Tablets Down The Mountain” Dee

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