Story of a cult

Yesterday, Karen and I finished watching a docuseries on Netflix titled, “Wild, Wild Country.”

It is about Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, his secretary Ma Anand Sheela, and their community of followers who basically took over a small town in Wasco County, Oregon.

It was overly long and drawn out, but I’ve always been fascinated by the topic of cults and the lessons we can learn and apply to our businesses.

For example, in a blog post on Sonder, author Jonathan Hopkins wrote:

“A cult is a group of people who share an idealistic purpose and believe they can realize their own higher potential, through following that purpose. Successful organizations (like Nike, IKEA, Ben & Jerrys, Lorna Jane, Apple) all have an idealistic purpose which is followed, worshipped and preached by its employees and customers alike. Without a powerful purpose, leaders will struggle to motivate their employees and customers will struggle to find a reason to connect with the organization.”

So what is your “powerful purpose” and how are you communicating that to your employees and customers? 

A little light thinking for this fine Wednesday. 🙂

Dave “Cult Of Personality” Dee

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