Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins but what exactly is it?

Well, according to Wikipedia, one of the definitions is, “A failure to do things that one should do.”

The problemo is there are so many voices telling us what it is we should be done about nearly everything – especially when it comes to our business.

You should be on Facebook. You should be using Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget about direct mail, and YouTube, and Google and on and on.

It can be overwhelming and complicated.

Me? I like simple. I love the fundamentals that I KNOW work. And one of my favorite marketing and sales tools is email. It’s easy to use, basically free, and bring in mucho DEEnero, if you know what you’re doing.

And because I’m a prince among men, I’m doing free training this Thursday at noon ET, where I will be sharing with you my secrets that make writing emails fun and profitable. You can reserve your spot by clicking this link:

How To Write Emails That Create Raving Fans and Sales

Now go and sin no more.

Dave “DEEmail” Dee

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