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Shopping suuuuuucks!

On Saturday night, the Mrs. wanted to go to Lenox Mall to buy a Peloton treadmill. (Yes, that’s what she wanted as her Christmas present. No, I don’t understand the controversy regarding the Peloton television commercial.)

The traffic getting to the mall was insane. Dr. Dee was not in a good mood, and it got worse once we went inside. The mall was packed and noisy. Definitely not my scene.

Anyway, we went into the Peloton store and waited, and waited, and waited for someone to help us. The salespeople were busy talking to people who clearly appeared to be “just looking.” It was pretty evident that Karen and I were looking to buy.

When the manager of the store finally spotted us, he excused himself from talking to a mom who had her 7-year-old on one of the bikes. After asking us a few questions, he quickly discerned that we were not window shopping. He ended the conversation with his other “prospect” and focused his attention on us, and made the easiest sale on the planet.

Here’s the thing:

All prospects are not created equal, and to treat them as such is an error that costs you time and money. You want to talk to qualified prospects who can buy and the desire to do so. You want your prospects to be pre-sold on you before you ever speak with them.

On Thursday, at noon ET, I’m doing a live webcast that will show you exactly how to do that. If you sell professional services, coaching, or consulting, I encourage you to join me on this training. You can reserve your spot here:

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Online Shopping Rules” Dee

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