Running with another woman - Dave Dee

Running with another woman

As the Foo Fighters would say, I have another confession to make.

And I’ve already made it to Karen.

Deep breath.

I am running three times a week with another woman. Her name is Becs Gentry.

Okay, okay, so she’s a Peloton instructor, and I’m running with her via video.

Sure, I picked her because she’s quite attractive. (Truth be told, Karen picked her for me because she’s pretty. Do I have the best wife on the planet or what?) But, there is a deeper reason. (Yes, there really is.) And that is, she makes you feel like she is on your side.

I’m a yoga man and don’t really like running, but I know it’s good for me, so I do it. What helps is to have someone cheering you on, urging you to do better, telling you it’s okay if you’re struggling, being positive, celebrating your victories with you, and encouraging you to keep going.

The truth is your clients want something similar from you. They want you to be on their side and for you to show them that you stand by them, that you are there to help them, and that together, you will help them get results.

You want to get more referrals, happier clients, and feel more satisfied with your business? Add some “Becs” to your business.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Marathon Man” Dee

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