“A Gorilla, you say???” - Dave Dee

“A Gorilla, you say???”

I get an idea in my head, and I know it’s great.

Or is it?


Dave and I want to make our first annual S3 Summit an amazing, fun, and, of course, over-the-top valuable experience for you. One of the underlying “themes” of the event is, “Anything can happen in DEEWORLD,” so during one of our planning sessions, I came up with this idea:

We should have a gorilla make an appearance at the Summit. (I saw mentalist Derren Brown on Broadway, and he used a gorilla during his show, and I thought it was super cool.)

Dave was, shall we say, “less than enthusiastic” when I told him my idea.  I confidently thought, “What does he know? This gorilla idea is brilliant!”

I asked other people for their opinion to prove that I was right, and he was wrong!

Um, well, I got the same reactions from every person I asked. No one liked it, and some people looked at me like I was nuts.

What gives? Could it be a bad idea???

Reality started sinking into my when our incredible event planner, Heather Kruger, said: “Babydoll, we’ll get you a gorilla. It’ll just show up on Sunday after everyone leaves.”

Ok, maybe Dave was right. (Oh, how it pains me to say that!) Maybe my idea wasn’t so brilliant after all.

As entrepreneurs, we think of a lot of ideas and feel that they’re all gangbuster, but it’s vital that we listen to people on our team, get their input, and their opinions. Yes, we need to make the final decision, but we mustn’t assume that all of our ideas are good just because we came up with them.

Dave and I have some fantastic surprises that will be happening at the S3 Summit in October. It will be an event like no other, and I guarantee it will be the most valuable conference you’ve ever attended.

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Karen “No Gorilla For You” Dee

About the Author Dave Dee

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