Quiz: Who Would You Hire?

Imagine you’re a serious prospect looking to work with someone in your business category. You’re not looking for the cheapest solution; you want to work with someone you believe is excellent at what they do, who you feel understands you, and who you trust.

Which one of these service providers would you be more inclined to want to meet with?

A. Someone with a templated website with the call to action “Call us now for a free consultation!”

B. Someone who sends you a postcard in the mail with the call to action “Call us now for a free consultation!”

C. Someone who offers you a free report or book that delivers quality information about the topic and has the CTA “Call us now for a free consultation!”

D. Someone you see speaks live either in-person or online who delivers quality information entertainingly and compellingly, answers your questions, and tells you that they’ll gift you a consultation.

It’s a trick question because other than option A, the person you’d probably want to meet with would do everything else.

Of course, “B” and “C” could double their results by adding option D to the mix. For example, instead of a postcard with only a “Call me” option, they could add a secondary reason for a response of “Attend my free online masterclass.”

Regardless of what YOU chose, the fact is that prospects who sign-up and show up to see a presentation convert at higher numbers than with any other method.

Graduating from one-to-one selling to one-to-many selling is a game-changer. But, of course, you need a dynamic presentation.

In the June issue of the “Sales Arcana” newsletter, which goes to print tomorrow, I walk you through an entire one-to-many sales presentation so you can see what to do and what not to do to attract more clients.

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Mastering one-to-many  sales on stage or online

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