Pop Quiz Challenge - Dave Dee

Pop Quiz Challenge

[Cue Jeopardy music.]

There are six major areas of concern for your prospects when calling to schedule a consultation. Do you know what they are?

I’ll give you a minute to think about it.




[Buzzer sounds]

Here are the answers:

  • Time commitment. “I’m interested in scheduling a free consultation, but I’m concerned about how long it will take. Can you tell me more about what’s involved and whether it will be worth my time?”
  • Cost: “I’m interested in your services but concerned about the cost. Can you tell me more about how much it would cost to work with you?”
  • Trust: “I’m interested in your services but hesitant to trust someone with my sensitive information.”
  • Competence: I’m interested in your services, but can you tell me more about your experience and expertise?”
  • Good Fit: “I’m interested in your services, but I’m unsure if you’re the right fit for my particular situation or can meet my needs. Can you tell me more about how you work with clients like me?”
  • I want to think about it, or I’m not ready to decide: “I appreciate the offer for a free consultation, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a decision yet.

The more significant question is not whether you knew what the six concerns/objections were but do have your answers scripted so no matter who answers your phone, they know what to say.

If your answer is “no,” you’re losing sales.

In the March issue of the Inner Sanctum “Sales Arcana” newsletter, I give you scripts to handle those concerns. Plus, you’ll discover how to develop instant rapport over the phone, three steps to talking to prospects that lead to maximum conversions, six ways to engage in active listening, and so much more.

The deadline to get this issue is right around the corner.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Game Show Host” Dee

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