This took guts and made him millions - Dave Dee

This took guts and made him millions

Jay Geier, a young man with a fledging business geared toward helping dentists, had an idea about getting more dentists to buy into his program, which started with training the dentist’s staff to handle incoming calls more effectively.

The problem was that almost all dentists didn’t believe they had a problem or that “fixing the phone” would significantly impact the practice’s bottom line.

Whenever Jay would speak at a dental conference, he’d get the list of the attendees and “mystery shop” their practices and record the call. He’d then play the recordings for everyone to hear.

The dentists were stunned and embarrassed. Some were angry. But the vast majority sprinted to the back of the room to sign up for Jay’s program.

Today, Jay follows a variation on that same strategy and has built a business selling tens of millions of dollars annually. So, yes, he’s a brilliant guy. Still, he’s grown such a huge business because he identified a huge problem, used a dramatic demonstration to shine a light on the problem, and developed a solution to solve that problem.

There’s a succinct golden marketing and sales lesson in that short paragraph. Please read it again and determine how to apply it to your business.

While I can’t call the DEEmail subscriber’s businesses and record how their phones are answered, I promise you that if you get inbound calls from prospective clients, you’re losing money because those calls should be handled better. If you’re spending money on marketing to get the phone to ring, that problem is exasperated.

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