{Part 5} Planting Thoughts In Your Prospect’s Mind

In our final “Psychic Salesperson Secrets” lesson we’re going to talk about a subliminal suggestion technique called “Positive Affirmation Statements” or PAS.

The PAS is used to get your client to agree with something you say.

I teach five different types of Positive Affirmation Statements. We’re going to go over 2 of them here.

In it’s most basic form, you add the words “don’t you,” “isn’t it,” “aren’t you,” etc. to the end of statements that the client must answer “yes” to.

For example, a financial planner could say to a prospect, “You want to get the highest rate of return on your investment, don’t you.”

Here’s another example, “The security of your family is important to you, isn’t it.”

Please note that I am NOT putting a question mark after the PAS. I am making it a statement, not a question. I’m not saying, “You do want to get the highest rate of return on your investment, don’t you? It is a statement, not a question.

Other PAS include, don’t you, isn’t it, don’t you agree, wasn’t she, wasn’t you. You’re beginning to understand, aren’t you? That was another one, wasn’t it? This could get annoying quickly,bcouldn’t it? I better stop now, shouldn’t ?. Sorry, I got carried away, didn’t I?

Okay, okay. I’ll stop, but the point is that you don’t want to overuse this strategy because it will become apparent and lose its’ effectiveness. Remember that a tactic known is a tactic blown.

Now, although the Standard PAS is good, it must be used with caution because they can be very blatantly manipulative and insulting.

For example, I cringe when I hear sales trainers teaching insurance salespeople to say, “The security of your family is important to you, isn’t it?” That question is insulting and will make the prospect resistant because he or she will know what you are doing.

The second type of Positive Affirmation Statement is the “LY PAS.” What makes this so powerful and so much more compelling is that your prospect has no idea what you are doing AND they MUSTnAGREE WITH WHAT YOU SAY ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL.

To use the “LY PAS,” add the words “obviously” or “naturally” before you make the statement, you want your prospect to agree with and slightly nod your head “yes.”

Here are a couple of examples:

“Obviously, you want to get the highest rate of return on your investment with the lowest risk possible. Or, “Naturally, the security of your family is important to you.”

Do you see why this technique is so strong? First, you’re not insulting your prospect by asking a stupid question. And second, your prospect will agree with the statement, even though he doesn’t verbally answer “yes.” He is subconsciously responding, “yes.” In fact, he has to answer “yes” on a subconscious level.

There’s no resistance because he has no choice!

By now, you’re aware of how powerful these psychic salesperson techniques are. Now just for a moment, imagine that YOU have mastered these skills of subconscious influence and persuasion.

If you like this stuff, you’ll love my book “Sales Stampede.” If you don’t own it, get yourself a copy here:


Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

~Dave “I hope you enjoyed the mini-course” Dee

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