No applause, please.

Learning to create a signature talk that gets a standing ovation is child’s play.

Bring a tear to their eye, make them laugh, make them cheer and love you – a piece of cake. Heck, you might even win an award from the National Speaker’s Association.

But if you want to be a speaking stud, you’ve got to step up to the big leagues and learn how to SELL from the platform. It’s a whole different animal than inspiring an audience, and the money is a heck of a lot better.

People brag about getting $10,000 for a speaking gig—chicken feed. You can make ten times that per “gig” if you know how to sell. If what you sell has transformational value for your audiences, you’ll actually be helping them instead of just inspiring them.

It’s tough to REALLY change someone’s life with a 90-minute speech. They NEED resources, and you should be PROUD to sell them and make no apologies when doing so.

Some people who see me speak a lot will jokingly say, “Hold onto your wallets because Dave is going to try and sell you something!” You’re damn right I am, and you should OPEN your wallets if what I’m selling can help you.

Selling is not a bad thing. Selling is a good thing.

And if you believe in your product or service, then not learning how to speak to sell is slothful and a disservice to you and your audience.

Oh, and you can’t take standing ovations to the bank.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Speak To SELL” Dee






Mastering one-to-many  sales on stage or online

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