$100,000 Razor

I read an article about a one-hundred thousand dollar men’s razor. That’s NOT a typo…$100,000 for a razor. In case you’re wondering, the Zafirro Iridium razor “has sapphire blades and a handle made primarily from iridium, one of the rarest and strongest metals in existence.”

For just $100,000 you can get a close shave. I wonder if the guy who buys this razor also buys the infamous, diamond-studded bra? Anyhoo, whether or not anyone actually spends money on these type of things, and my guess is there are people that do, the sales lesson is three-fold.


What makes this intriguing is an interesting story. The best salespeople are excellent storytellers. When you are selling you want to weave in hypnotic stories that illustrate key points in an interesting/memorable fashion. When you tell a good story to prospect, you are actually putting them into a slightly altered state which, naturally, increases your persuasion powers.


“But Dave, I can’t be outrageous in my business because I’m a (fill in the blank.)”

The fact is that your prospects are being bombarded by thousands and thousands of commercial messages daily. If you’re message and the delivery of your message is the same or similar to everyone else in your industry, how are you going to break through the clutter and shine? I know people in almost every business category that use outrageous marketing to roar past and leave their competitors in the dust. How can you up your game?


Yes, I agree that the $100,000 razor is an extreme example but the point that should not be lost that you should have a premium-priced product or service that you offer. While it’s true that most people won’t buy your mega offer, some people will and when they do, it’s party time. Think about what super-high priced things YOU can sell to new prospects or existing clients. Okay, that’s it for this week. Time for me to try and find some $50,000 shaving cream.

Kick butt, make mucho DEE-nero!

Dave “Close Shave” Dee

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