My wife used this on me the other night - Dave Dee

My wife used this on me the other night

Yesterday, after I cooked a delicious fish dinner (a French-styled Halibut), Karen lit a special candle type of device she has that makes odors vanish like magic.

Before we watch an episode of “Designated Survivor,” she asks, “Do you want to put the candle out now, or do you want to come back downstairs and do it before we go to sleep?”

For a split second, I think about my answer and then say, “You just used the old alternate of choice close on me!”

A sneaky-devil, she is.

Used correctly, the “alternate of choice” close is effective. Often though, it is used as a blatantly manipulative technique, and prospects know it. And, as I’m fond of saying, a tactic known is a tactic blown.

The triplicate of choice close can be even more effective than just giving your prospect two options.

On Monday, I had a private client in town for a full-day consultation. One of the things we did was to design his offer, which included three price levels with varying benefits. The core program we want to sell was the mid-priced one. We had a much more expensive package which some people will take, and that will be awesome. There is also a lower-tier, bare-bones program. Both the lower level and upper-level offers are designed to guide prospects to select our core, “middle” program.

How can you use the triplicate of choice to boost your sales?

Make it a great day!

Dave “Married To A Saleswoman” Dee

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