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My “Dawn of the Dead’ experience

Have you seen the horror movie “Dawn of the Dead?”

Well, last Friday night, when I took Karen to Perimeter Mall to do some birthday shopping, I felt like I was in the movie before the zombies showed up.

The mall was dead. Nordstrom’s was a ghost town. The store even looked different. There were open spaces of nothing. And the salespeople were few and far between.

We went from store to store and experienced the same thing. Occasionally we would spot someone shopping and maybe a clerk who appeared to be in a zombie-like state, but the mall was a graveyard.

Except for the last store we visited.

Anthropology was hopping.

When we walked in, we got an enthusiastic greeting by a young saleswoman.

When she saw my arms loaded up with clothes that Karen wanted to try on, she came over, took the clothes, and told us she was going to “set up a room” for us. Every time, either Karen or I were holding hangers, she came over and whisked them away.

Once in the dressing room, there was another sales associate to help. Karen tried on clothes and got feedback from her. When Karen said, “I’ll need a top to wear with those pants, ” the associate gave the other saleswoman the message through a headset, and minutes later, a selection of clothes appeared.

In addition to superior customer service, the saleswomen didn’t stop moving. If they weren’t working with customers, they were busy folding clothes or doing some other activity to make the store look good.

Karen and I walked out with bags of new clothes and had an enjoyable buying experience as well.

How is your customer’s buying experience? Are your employees exuding positive energy? Are you, or have you fallen into a rut? What is the energy like around your business?

Hey, times might be good right now, but remember, the zombies are coming.

Dave “It’s Horror Movie Season” Dee

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