Make them bleed from every orifice

As you can tell by the subject line, I wanted send you into the weekend with a “feel good” message.

I first learned the information marketing business from a dude named Jeff Paul.

Jeff got into trouble when he went over to the “dark-side” of information marketing and starting producing these crazy-ass infomercials with bikini clad women fawning over dudes who were supposedly making big buckaroos online.

Despite that, Jeff was a really good copywriter and knew how to write copy that pulled in orders. One of his secrets was to tap into the PAIN his market feels.

Kennedy’s classic copywriting formula is: State the problem. Agitate the problem. Solve the problem.

Jeff took it a step further and said you should: State the problem. Agitate the problem. Dig in a knife and twist it so they were “bleeding from every orifice. THEN solve the problem.

Does that make you feel “icky”, grasshopper?

If so, why?

Does it feel manipulative to you?

Hey, as I’m fond of saying, ‘The difference between manipulation and persuasion is intent.”

If you have a crap product or service or even a good product or service that isn’t right for a particular prospect and you use this type of selling method, then you’re a con man or con woman or should I say “con-person” to be completely politically correct?

If you know what your prospects wants, needs and desires and your product or service solves a problem for them, NOT being as persuasive as possible means you are doing a disservice to your prospect and to your wallet.

Amp up the pain and then present your solution not only will you close more sales, you’ll have happier more loyal customers.

Quick note before I bid you adieu:

The online seminar I did last night about the “business breakthrough blueprint” was powerful my friend. I revealed stuff I’ve never talked about before, got really personal and gave life-altering content (or at least the stuff that’s worked for me and my private clients.).

I RARELY to this but I’ll be doing a couple encore presentations over the next couple days, so if you missed it, you’ll have a second chance to tune in. I’ll send you an email with the times a little later today.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Dig In The Knife” Dee

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