The dude said, “I HATE this…”

During a recent webcast, I an attendee said that he hated selling. My response what that’s because he either didn’t understand what selling was or that he sucked at it.

A lot of entrepreneurs, especially folks with some type of high falutin degree don’t like selling and think it’s “beneath” them. I guess they are so talented and wonderful that people should just hand them over their DEEnero.

As these folks soon learn, that ain’t the case. Of course, they never think it’s “fair” and most just complain instead of facing the reality of:

If you can’t or won’t sell then you’re going to struggle.

Pretty simple.

You’ve heard the saying, “Nothing happens until someone sells something.” Tis true, grasshopper.

You’ve got to get good at it and once you get good at it, lo and behold, you’ll actually like it.

Strange how that works.


Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Selling Rocks” Dee