They are lying straight to your face

This is insidious and costing you sales and money.

Yes, my fine feathered friend, your prospects are lying straight to you face. They can’t help it and it’s your fault.

You see, when you ask prospects questions about what they want, need and desire, many will be reluctant to tell you the whole truth because they know it will give you the ammunition you need to close the sale.

Yes, they want to get a solution to their problem but they are afraid of making the wrong decision and, because of that, hold back crucial information you need to really help them.

It’s your fault because you didn’t spend enough time developing rapport and getting the prospect to like you and trust you.

Studies show that 80% of all sales are based on the prospect liking and trusting the salesperson. But most salespeople (and you ARE a salesperson) don’t invest anywhere near enough time in fostering that trust.  Instead, they want to jump into the meat of their presentation.

Another mistake is not asking enough probing questions to get the heart of what your prospect really wants. Instead, we want to get right to the solution and then close. Even if you know what the solution is for your prospect before you ask him questions, he still wants you to ask questions. He wants to believe you have a customized solution for him.

When you don’t ask enough questions and then listen to your prospect’s answers, you kill trust, rapport and the sale.

If you want your prospects to open up to you, then they need to trust you. Spend more time building that trust before you meet with them and during your time with them and your sales will increase…with any hardcore closing techniques.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Liar, liar, pants on fire” Dee

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