My liberal friends are in an uproar and other musings

It appears that Dr. Dee ruffled some feathers with his post yesterday about not wanting to have angry Democrats in your audience.

What’s a hoot and half, is that my email had nothing to do with politics. Nada. I didn’t even say if I thought Trump’s speech was good or bad. I simply pointed out FACTS and gave some tip on handling difficult audiences.But, man did I get some angry, albeit entertaining, emails.

I love my job!

To continue the discussion, did you see what appeared to be drool coming from the corners of Joe Kennedy III mouth, in the Democratic response to the State Of The Union address?  Not a good look.

Now before my liberal friends get all in a tizzy, here’s the point:

Before you walk out on stage, in front of your webcam, or anywhere your audience is going to see you, check yourself out. Make sure everything is looking good.

I remember being on stage and having a woman in the front row continuing to gesture towards me in the nether region of my being. I looked down and discovered my fly was wide open. Trying to zip up inconspicuously in front of 400 people is no easy task.

In other notes, I’m in Baton Rouge, LA visiting LSU with my son who is thinking about going there.  Last night we ate at a local restaurant and damn, it was GOOD. However, I went WAY off my ketogenic diet.

Apparently, Louisianans aren’t into the whole low carb movement, and God bless them for it. Today though, I need to get back on track – or at least I hope to.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, today is a new day which a chance to start fresh. So let’s get at it!

Dave “Mr. Controversy” Dee

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