Pouty faced Democrats

Did you see the President’s State Of The Union address last night? Speaking before that type of audience is a tough row to hoe.

Imagine if you did a presentation and half of the audience applauded, and the other half sat stoned-faced, and in some cases, had looks of disdain on their face. I hope Nancy “Sourpuss” Pelosi is never in one of my audiences. Yikes!

The first time I spoke at a GKIC event after taking over for the beloved owner, Bill Glazer, was difficult. The reception was cordial but less than warm. There were people who disliked me, just because I wasn’t Bill.  I’m sure there were people who didn’t like me because, well, I’m me!

Regardless, I put up record sales numbers because I kept my focus on the task at hand. The goal was NOT to get people who weren’t fond of me to become Dr. Dee fans but to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products. I did just that.

Conversely, at one of my psychic entertainment shows, three women in the audience sat with the arms crossed and scowls on their faces.

Like an idiot, I tried to win them over and get them to respond, and in one of the worst moves of my performing career, I attempted to read one of their minds.

Not only did I get no response, but they all also got up and left the theater! (Kind of like what some of the Dems did last night during the President’s presentation.)

Come to find out; the three women were fundamentalist Christians who thought I was in league with the devil. Just for the record, I’m not, although the new show I’m developing isn’t one that they should see. 🙂 I lost my focus on my real task at hand, entertaining the rest of the audience.

There are some points to be made here.

  1. You can’t please everyone. Focus on the people you want to attract and don’t worry about others.
  2. When doing a presentation, don’t focus on the folks who seem disinterested, bored, or don’t appear to like you. Play to your base. (The one caveat is if someone is disruptive, you need to address and eliminate that problem.)
  3. Never lose sight of what your outcome is supposed to be? I once did a presentation that was universally loved by the audience, but I was pissed at the end. Why? Because I didn’t hit my sales goal. I didn’t give a hoot about applause or warm fuzzies. My job was to extract the money from their wallets.

Speaking of keeping your focus…

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Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about Joe Kennedy III drooling problem. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it.)


Dave “Had My Share Of Tough Audiences” Dee