Lesson 2: How To Awaken The Powerful Force Inside You

My Psychic Salesperson system is made up of 3 key parts.

First, you must make sure that you have the correct mindset and that you are in a peak emotional state before you meet with a client or make a presentation. You need to program your subconscious mind for success and be able to instantly get
yourself into a peak state of mind. I’m going to reveal how you can do that.

Second, you want to use powerful techniques to get your clients to like you and trust you immediately, build rapport, and elicit your clients’ outcome so you really know what they want need and desire.

And here’s what’s so cool, if a client is not forthcoming and won’t give you the information you need to know to close the
sale, you can use the cold reading techniques I’m going to reveal to extract information from them without them being consciously aware it.

Third, is to structure your presentation by using subliminal, persuasion and influence techniques and non-verbal communication skills to get your client to agree with you and take the action you want to take.

You’re going to literally learn how to plant thoughts in your clients’ minds and get them to do whatever you want them to,
overcome any resistance your client might have and close the sale. If you don’t close the sale and get the money what’s the
point, right? Right?

When you put those 3 pieces together, you get a complete selling system that will at least double your effectiveness and allow you to sell more in less time and with less effort.

Each of these 3 pieces to my system are equally important but we’ll take ’em in order.

What If There Was A Powerful Force You Could Awaken … One That
Unleashed Could Instantly Double Sales…
In Just 3 Minutes?

First, under mindset. Here is a simple technique that can by itself double your commissions with almost no effort and make
selling easy when it was once difficult.

The technical term is Cognitive and Physical Association or “CPA” for short. And it is one of the most powerful tools a you can have as a salesperson.

In it’s simplest form, this means that you must practice and rehearse your presentation and see yourself closing the sale in
your mind before each and every live presentation you make.

That’s the cognitive or the mental part of the technique.

Additionally, you need to put your body into a peak emotional powerful state before every presentation… that’s the physical part.

Here’s a four star tip. The mental, emotional, and physical state that you’re in has a direct impact on your ability to persuade and influence your client. In fact, your state and your belief system is more important than the words that you say.

If you want to perform at your peak, you need to be in a peak state. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Here’s another 4 star tip: The body controls the mind and the mind controls the body. This means that you can put yourself into a peak emotional state by how you use your mind and by how you use your body.

Do You Have These Beliefs Of A Sales Superstar?

You need to have the beliefs of a sales superstar burned into your conscious and subconscious mind so they are part of you. If you have these  beliefs and values programmed into you, you will become unstoppable will influence what your prospect believes . That makes sense, doesn’t it?

There are many ways that you can program your mind with the beliefs of a sales superstar but one of the most effective,
easiest, and fastest ways you can do this is with subconscious reprogramming audios

It is beyond the scope of this course to teach you how to do this in selling but I will be gifting you one of these audios soon and going over this important subject at my Psychic Salesperson & Personal Empowerment live event.

In addition to having to having a set of core beliefs, you also need visualize the successful outcome of your sales call before
you actually meet with a prospect. You need to mentally rehearse your presentation before you actually make it. This mental rehearsal will naturally give you a feeling of confidence and power. Best of all, it only takes 3 minutes. Here is the step by step procedure:

1. Close your eyes, clear your mind, a focus only on your breathing for one minute. If your mind wanders, bring it back
to your breath. Do this for one minute.

2. For the next minute, visualize yourself making your presentation and then successfully closing the sale.

3. For the last minute put your body and mind into a peak and confident state by visualizing a time when you felt powerful,
confident, and unstoppable. Create that movie in your mind first, and then step into the movie and adopt the same
physiology that you had when you were powerful, confident, and unstoppable, and you will naturally create a state change.

Now here’s what’s exciting, I teach a process that you can create any emotional state you want, anytime you want, in literally seconds without having to do any of the visualization. I mean literally, bang, you are instantly put into a peak emotional state.

But for the sake of our limited time, let’s assume that you have already programmed your mind with the core beliefs of a sales superstar, you already know the techniques for visualizing your outcome, and you can instantly put yourself into a peak emotional state.

Here’s the next challenge, even the greatest salesperson, in the most positive peak emotional state is no better than the worst salesperson, if his prospects don’t like and trust him. If you don’t have rapport with your prospects and clients you’re wasting
your time.

So in lesson 3, which you’ll receive tomorrow,  I’ll teach you how you can develop rapport with anyone in four minutes or less.

Until then…

Kick butt, make mucho DEE-nero!

Dave Dee

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