Lesson 1: Tap Into "Psychic Salesperson" Secrets

Woo, yee doggy…It is COLD here in Colorado but I’m here to warm your heart with part 1 of a six part mini course on Psychic Salesperson Secrets.  This is just the beginning of valuable content I’ll be giving you leading opening up registration for my Psychic Salesperson & Personal Empowerment LIVE seminar.

Before we get into lesson 1 of the psychic “Psychic Salesperson Secrets” mini-course you requested, I’m going to guarantee you three things:

1. At the end of this 6-part course, you will have discovered breakthrough sales strategies, techniques, and secrets, that will increase your sales, make selling easier, make you more money, give you an unfair advantage over the competition.

2. You are going to discover powerful, persuasion, influence and non-verbal communication skills that will give you the ability to get anyone to do anything thing you want, instantly. I can make almost a certain bet  that no one has ever told you about the powerful sales secrets you are about to discover. In fact, in one of the lessons in this course, I’m going to share with you a totally unique strategy that’ll instantly triple the effectiveness of your presentations and blow your competition out of the water.

3. And I also guarantee that you’ll be able to use these secrets to instantly put more “DEE-nero” in your pocket at lightning-like speeds.

Yes, I realize that is a bold statement and a bit outrageous but it is NOT hype. What you are about to discover will make a
dramatic and immediate impact on your sales and the amount of money you make.

PLUS, what you’re about to discover will empower you and make you more influential in your personal life as well. You see we are always selling, be it to a client, your spouse, someone you’re attracted to, your children, other people you love.  This course is going to help you in all these areas.

Warning – Warning – Warning

It’s important that I give you a word of warning and a disclaimer. In today’s politically correct climate where you have
sales trainers teaching such warm, “touchy-feely” things like the “soft sell”, what I’m about to reveal is bound to raise some

Some people will say that by using these strategies you are manipulating people and influencing them against there will and
without their knowledge. That you are indeed using “unfair” tactics.

But as any successful person knows, if you influence someone to buy something he doesn’t want or need your success
will be short lived. You can forget about getting referrals, repeat sales, or building a business. But the bottom line is
sales is about, influence, persuasion, and ethical manipulation.

Politically correct? Maybe not. Will it make you a lot more “DEE-nero.” You betcha.

Now, before we get into the actual sales secrets, there are some important things you need to know.

How To Avoid Being Bamboozled By The Latest Guru

There are literally hundreds of self-proclaimed sales training gurus who claim to be able to increase your sales if you learn
their secret techniques.  There are basically three types three types of sales trainers.

The first type is a guy who teaches you about the psychology of selling. This person is usually a doctor or psychologist of some type, and he gives you great-sounding theories about why this technique should work or why that strategy should be successful.

The problem is his theories are just that – theories. In most cases, our sales psychologist has never been belly-to-belly with
a live prospect. He’s never been in a real selling situation where he has to answer objections, deal with prospect resistance,
and close the sale.

The second type of sales trainer is a person who, at one time many years ago, was a great salesperson. Now, the problem with this type of sales trainer is that they’re teaching techniques and strategies from their memories and from their days of past glory. In fact, many of the strategies that they teach are so hopelessly outdated and ineffective, that a prospect would
actually laugh you out of his office or home if you attempted to use them.

The third type of sales trainer is a person who is still actively involved in the selling process on a daily basis. This person
deals with suspects, prospects, and clients every day. Finding this type of sales trainer is difficult, because they don’t make
their living just from teaching other people theories about selling. They make their living from actual selling. This is a
person who can really help you make breakthroughs in your selling career, because they give you proven strategies and techniques that have been validated in real-life selling situations.

And I’m THAT guy.

Why You Should Pay Very Close Attention To What
I’m About To Reveal To You

I’ve been involved in selling my ideas, concepts, products and services  for my entire life. Right out of college, I got a job in radio advertising sales-you wanna talk about selling an intangible product? That’s about as intangible as you
get. I’ve owned a chain of kiosks in malls where we sold magic tricks to non-magicians. You wanna talk about a tough sale? Try stopping people as they are rushing through a mall, getting them to watch as you demonstrate magic tricks, and then closing them on actually buying the tricks.

I’ve owned an entertainment company where we provided entertainment for corporate events.I was not only the main
entertainer, I did all the selling for that company.

I’m telling you this so that you know that you’re getting real proven and powerful information from someone who is in the
trenches day in and day out.

What you’re about to discover is not theory. I absolutely hate theory. I like things that work and make me money. I’m sure you do too.

I also hate hearing the same old conventional sales wisdom that was being taught in the 1950’s. Folks, times have changed. Much of the techniques that worked back then don’t work now.  Here’s why…

The New Challenges You Face

Today people are extremely busy. The advent of the cell phone, e- mails, faxes, voicemail, technologies that were supposed to give us more time, have, in fact, made our lives much, much more complicated. People are busier and more preoccupied today than they ever have been.

Second, people are literally bombarded every day with thousands of sales, marketing and advertising messages. From the minute someone gets up in the morning, they’re being pitched on products and services that, according to the advertisers, they just can’t live without.

Third, people don’t trust anyone. They’re very, very skeptical. This is true now, more than any other time in history. They’ve been duped, scammed, and outright lied to by salespeople, members of the clergy, and politicians. This has taught them not to believe anyone.

As salespeople, we need to have a new selling system that combats a negative conditioning of our prospects and clients. A system that cuts through all the garbage. A system that makes us money. That is a system you’re going to discover in this course.

So regardless of what you’ve been told in the past about selling and closing the sale, after you finish this course you are going to be armed with the most powerful selling system on the planet that’ll increase your sales and put more money in your pocket.

And in lesson #2 which you’ll receive tomorrow, you’re going to discover how to awaken powerful force inside you that once unleashed would at least double your sales.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Kick butt, make mucho “DEE-nero!”

Dave Dee
The Psychic Salesman

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  1. WOW! I was going to pull out my Psychic Sales Person couse from you but in my tiny apt. things aren’t that easy to find, I’ve been here for months and still things are packed in boxes looking for a space. Looks like I can find it later and just read this.”Thanks for the great info.

  2. Intangible products are hard to sell, right.
    I agree but its hard to sell anything anyway….
    We need to make them ready to buy…people buy when they are ready…

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