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It’s Taco Tuesday in Deeworld

It feels like it’s Father’s Day week.

On Sunday, my son David made me delicious shrimp Po’ boys.

Yesterday, my stepson Jake made amazing ramen for dinner.

Today, Karen is making tacos. Wait a minute. She makes tacos almost every Tuesday. Hmm, so maybe that’s not exactly at Father’s Day treat, but it means it will be my third day in a row of not cooking dinner for everyone.

But alas, today’s DEEmail is not about my culinary adventures, but rather how using themes like Father’s Day or “Taco Tuesday” can boost your sales and make your marketing more infotaining.

I once created a campaign for estate planning attorneys, where I made them the “Romance Director” during Valentine’s Month. When someone made an appointment and came with their spouse for an initial consultation, they were given a romantic dinner for two at a local Italian restaurant. The campaign produced excellent results and got a lot of attention because it had a theme.

Some themes are natural Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to the “normal” ones that most people use. Often, “offbeat” themed promotions are more effective.

For example, when I sold radio advertising, I created a “Barbecue Bash” promotion for a car dealer. We had a band playing the parking lot, clowns, balloons, and catered barbecue. The owners told me it was their most successful promotion to date.

So put your creativity hat on and create a themed promotion or sale and enjoy the sweet sounds of your cash register ringing.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Need To Go On A Diet” Dee

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