Gone Fishin' - Dave Dee

Gone Fishin’

I’m back in the saddle after a week off for some much-needed beach time. (I also need to get back into our home gym after all of the fried seafood and carbs I ate last week.)

Karen I and watched some folks fish in the most chill way possible. They would cast their line into the ocean and then crack open a beer and sit on the beach and wait until an unsuspecting fish took the bait.

That’s the kind of fishing I did as a kid, minus the brewski. I’d take my pole and a container of nightcrawlers to a pond around the corner from my home and sit for hours waiting for the telltale bobber to start to move.

That type of fishing is passive, unlike fly fishing or spearfishing, which are active, meaning you need to do something to catch a fish. Both methods work and will fill your cooler.

It’s the same for attracting clients.

Passive client attraction includes placing ads, using direct mail, etc. In these scenarios, you need the right “bait” to attract the “fish” you want to “catch.” Use the wrong bait, and you won’t catch fish even if your fishing in a fully stocked pond.

Active client attraction includes cold calling, conducting a referral campaign, doing a webinar that sells for unconverted leads, etc.

Ideally, you want to have a system that incorporates both passive and active types of client attraction. Here is a simple example.

  • You place a Facebook ad offering a free report on a topic that interests your target market. (Passive)
  • You follow-up with an invitation to a live webinar where you offer a free or paid consultation. (Active)
  • You follow-up with a phone call to prospects offering them a consultation. (Active)
  • You put unconverted prospects into a 52-week autopilot, email newsletter sequence. (Passive)

What doesn’t work is if you sit on the beach, sipping your beer, while never casting your line into the ocean and just hoping that a fish will jump out of the water into your lap.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Reel ’em in” Dee

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