How To Make Your Audience Feel Bad

I know this little essay is going to offend some people but such is life.

If you want to hear nice sounding platitudes, there are plenty of woo-woo gurus who will be happy to oblige. If you want to hear what actually works, gets results and puts DEEnero in your pocket, you are in the right place.

Remember this: “In order to move people to where you want them to go, you need to meet them where they are.”

In most cases, people are interested in buying your product or service because they have a problem, real or imagined, that they want solved. Translation: They are in pain.

Getting people to take action that’ll help them succeed is not an easy task. To get people to move from complacency to action requires you to paint a picture of a better reality AND intensify the pain of the current reality they are living in.

This means amplifying the pain and discomfort they are feeling about their situation. You do this by painting a vivid, emotional picture of how much things suck right now AND then make them feel how much worse it’s going to be if they don’t do anything about it.

I can hear some folks thinking, “But Dave, that is so manipulative!”

When you step out in stage to sell, your job is close the sale. It is only by getting people to buy your product or service can you truly help them get what they desire.

As I’ve said many times before, the difference between manipulation and persuasion is intent. If your intent is to help enrich someone’s life and by doing so, enrich your own, then you have a moral obligation to do everything you can to close the sale.

And what I just told you works.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “No Pain, No Gain” Dee