Grab ’em by the throat (template)

So you walk out on the stage, what do you do?

The first words that come out of your mouth are mission critical to the success of your presentation.

If you stumble and bumble, you’re dead in the water. Your audience will tune out and it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your presentation is.

This is exactly the same as a headline in an ad. The headline is known as the ad for the ad. If the headline doesn’t grab the reader by the throat and draw the reader into the copy, it doesn’t matter how good the offer is.

A good formula is this:

“In the next (minutes), I’m going to share with you (benefit, benefit and benefit) that will help you (outcome they desire.)

What comes next is really important as well.

I’ll tell you what that is, tomorrow.

Dave “Grab e’m don’t let go” Dee