How are you celebrating today's momentus holiday? - Dave Dee

How are you celebrating today’s momentus holiday?

Today is the perfect day for us to all come together and be one.

Yes, my friend, it’s National Waffle Iron Day.

It’s a day of pure joy and feelings of gratitude.

Over the weekend, Karen and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. I’m sure you’re aware that the customary gift is something made out of iron. Oh, how the stars align. But, alas, the fair maiden did not want a waffle iron or even a plate of waffles. No, she believes every anniversary gift should have diamonds in it.

How are you planning to celebrate? With family and friends or just alone with a knife and fork. Whatever you decide, I hope National Waffle Iron Day 2020 turns out to be as glorious as you want it to be,

At this point, you might be wondering if Dr. Dee is on the wacky tobacky or just lost his mind.

Fear not my little waffle-loving friend, there is a method to my madness. I’ll ‘splain.

This morning when I woke up to write your favorite email of the day, I drew a blank. Heck, because of Covid-19, I haven’t done anything too exciting to write about to turn into a DEEmail. So, I defaulted to one of my “tricks” which is to search for a weird holiday that I could write about. You can do the same thing and not just for writing emails. Strange holiday make fantastic “reason why” copy for sales or special promotions. Plus, they have a built-in entertainment factor. Remember: Information + Entertainment = Infotainment and More Sales.

Okay, now I need to try and convince Karen to go to the local Waffle House with me.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Pass The Syrup” Dee

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