Guest Article From Karen: Confessions of a want-to-be vegetable gardener - Dave Dee

Guest Article From Karen: Confessions of a want-to-be vegetable gardener

Each spring, I excitedly run off to Home Depot to pick out plants for my summer crop. I have visions of an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs. So much so that I bring baskets to my friends and neighbors. They are in awe of my gardening talents and praise me for their gifts. I hold my head a little higher, knowing I am the gardening master.

The problem is that none of this has ever happened! The truth is my vegetable gardens are sad failures year after
year. While I’ve always enjoyed playing in the dirt, I’ve never, ever, not once after 20 years of trying, reaped the rewards of the vibrant flourishing garden I’ve envisioned. Other than the few precious tomatoes I harvest each year; the entire operation has been a bust!

BEHOLD A MIRACLE… the gardening gods blessed my crop and for the first time this year!

My garden, while rather small in size, is green, healthy, and producing herbs and vegetables like magic.

I proudly share pictures of my vegetable garden with anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest. My gardening dreams have finally become a reality!

Was it luck? Heck no! There was no luck involved! In the past, I expected something to get different results while doing the same things. Yes, I was living the gardening definition of insanity.

This year I decided to take a different approach. I watched YouTube videos and implemented what I learned. I also got a gardening coach and followed her advice.

The results have been delicious.

If you’re not satisfied with the crops your business is producing, and desire to have a bigger harvest, continuing education, implementation, and coaching are the keys to making that happen. The investment you make in yourself will pay dividends for your entire business life.

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Karen “Green Thumb” Dee

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