Happy New Year! - Dave Dee

Happy New Year!

My amazing wife and business partner Karen is Jewish, so we began celebrating Rosh Hashanah, last night, which is the Jewish new year. (We celebrate all of the major Christian and Jewish holidays in the Dee household, so we’ve got it covered.)

Tomorrow also marks the last quarter of 2019. Can you believe it?

I’m blocking off some time this week, to revisit and revamp my life and business vision set some new goals, and create actions plans to achieve my most important goals. Doing so will give me a significant headstart in 2020 and reenergize me for the rest of 2019.

You might want to consider doing the same, or, at the very least, take some time to evaluate where you are with your most important goals for this year and determine what you need to do in the last three months of the year to achieve those goals if they are still relevant.

Let’s make it an amazing week!

Dave “Shana Tova” Dee

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