"All money should be distributed evenly" - Dave Dee

“All money should be distributed evenly”

On my way to the airport, I was talking to this twenty-something Uber driver, and she told me she believed that there should be no money at all, or that money should be distributed evenly among everyone.

I tried to explain to her why that wouldn’t work, but she would hear nothing of it.

My message to you is today is loud and proud:

As an entrepreneur, you took risks that other people wouldn’t have the guts take. You work long, long hours that regular folks would never do. You’ve failed more than anyone can imagine, but continue to pick yourself up and move forward. You read, go to seminars, invest in products to improve yourself. While the “average Joe” hasn’t read a book since college.

Be proud of that. You are in an elite group. And the success that comes your way is earned and deserved.

Make as much DEEnero as you can. Yes, be grateful for your success, but also give yourself credit for forging your path.

Have a fantastic weekend.


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