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Step on up and let Uncle Dave, share with a NEW one to many selling format that kicked some serious butt and brought in piles of DEEnero last week. (I’ll share the results with you in a bit.)

You’re going to want to print out this email and save it – heck, maybe even frame it.

Last week I did a four and half hour live video broadcast titled, “The Ultimate Marketing Machine.”

The goal was to provide awesome content and, at the same time, sell a $2,495 product.

NOT an easy task, mi amigo.

So here was the exact format I used.

Segment 1 was a 90 minute, soup to nuts, platform presentation using my “one to many” presentation template. In this, I broke the “rule” of not only telling viewers WHAT to do, but also HOW to do it. (In a future email, I’ll explain how to break this rule and win big.)

Segment 2 consisted of DEMONSTRATION. It was basically the same as segment 1 BUT we did not show slides.

Instead, I had my buddy Mike create some of the marketing pieces we talked about, live. As each piece was created, we pinned it to a big board. Folks could see the “machine” being built before their eyes. Way cool.

Segment 3 was an interview style format. I interviewed Mike about how to use Facebook and then I took Q&A from the viewers.

The results? $214,000 in sales.

Not too shabby from an promotion that consisted of only a handful of emails being sent out and a livecast.

So when are you going to use this format to sell something?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “3 Segment” Dee

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