Avoid Doing This Stupid Thing

If you've ever attended a seminar, I'm sure this has happened to you…

You're sitting in your seat, waiting for the next speaker.

And then Joe Blow, motivational speaker extraordinaire, bounds onto the stage and and enthusiastically asks, "How many of you want to learn how to make more money? Raise your hand!" Then Joe asks, "How many of you want to have more free time? Raise your hand!" 

And it goes on and on until you want to puke.

Joe is trying to manipulate you and you know it. 

He is asking you inane questions and trying to get you "involved" by getting you to raise your hand.

It's painful and embarrassing.

Joe is trying to do is use the power of what I call "compliance." Don't get me wrong, this is a very powerful technique…-if it's done properly.

If you get an audience to do what you tell them to do, when you tell them to do it, throughout your entire presentation, they are more likely to do what you tell them to do at the end of your presentation – which is buy what you're selling.

But when a speaker uses the power of compliance in a kindergarten way, it becomes obvious and audience members will put their guard up.

Remember, a tactic known is a tactic blown.

And even if such a crude form of the compliance principle worked, why would you want to embarrass yourself by using it?

Tomorrow, I'll share with you the correct way to use compliance. It's crazy powerful.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave "Mr. Compliance" Dee


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