Burning bacon fiasco - Dave Dee

Burning bacon fiasco

Last night I was making bacon (special keto-friendly bacon, mind you) and put a screen-type of a device over the pan to minimize the splattering.

I’ve never liked cooking with the screen, but our housekeepers had just left a few hours earlier, and I didn’t want to messy-up their work that quickly.

Anyway, I was merrily preparing the other ingredients and sipping on a glass of Bourbon when I smell the bacon burning. I remove the screen, which, of course, allows the grease to splatter all over the oven and see the burnt bacon.

I won’t tell you the precise words I used, but suffice it to say, they weren’t pretty. Fortunately, we had more bacon and Karen saved the day by making it herself,

I had broken a cardinal rule of cooking – not paying attention to what I had on the stove, and the results were predictable.

So here is a question for you, my fine feathered friend:

What are some of the significant aspects of your business that you might have taken your eye off of?

Maybe it’s the way your phone is answered; perhaps it’s your metrics, maybe it’s your follow-up campaign after you get a lead.

Whatever it is, why don’t you do some investigating to make sure you aren’t getting burned.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Dinner Ended Up Being Delicious” Dee

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