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Imagine I handed you an envelope and told you that inside was a piece of paper that had words on it that would transform your business and your life. How quickly would you want to tear it open and read what was written on it?

Last Friday, my oldest son, Jake, had his “matching” ceremony. That is where a new doctor finds out where he will have his residency. The medical school gave each student an envelope with their names printed on it. Inside was the official document that revealed where they’d be going.

Did the school let the students open the envelope right away? Noooo. They kept them in suspense while the medical school dean spoke. Their professors, the seasoned doctors, enjoyed teasing the students.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the students were allowed to open their envelopes and see what hospital they matched with.

One of the most significant missing factors in one-to-many sales presentations is mystery and intrigue. A well-crafted presentation has built-in cliffhangers and open loops that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

One way to accomplish that is to tell the beginning of a story, move on to talking about something else, and then finish telling the story later in the presentation.

Most presenters do the opposite. They introduce a problem their audience wants to be solved and then immediately “open the envelope” and reveal the solution. That makes for a boring presentation.

In April’s Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass, I analyze a presentation submitted by a financial advisor and, amongst other things, reveal how he can modify it to add the elements of suspense, mystery, and intrigue to it. Model what I show you and watch your conversions from in-person seminars and webinars soar.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Tease ‘em” Dee

P.S. In case you were wondering, Jake is thrilled to be doing his residency at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. 🙂

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