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A counter-intuitive approach to attracting more clients

Yesterday, I talked about generating high-quality prospects instead of strictly focusing on the number of leads you’re attracting. Here’s one way to do it:

In your lead generation marketing, including your ads, reports, videos, landing pages, etc., you want to clarify who you want and don’t want to respond to your marketing.

Let’s say you’re a financial advisor and only work with clients who have at least one million dollars in investable assets. You would be wise to make that crystal clear in your lead generation marketing. Yes, you will get fewer leads, but they will be better leads.

Your goal is to persuade your best prospective clients to “raise their” hands and request more information or set up an appointment with you and dissuade unqualified prospects from responding.

Qualifying prospects before you meet with them is one of the “secrets” to closing more sales in less time, but qualifying them during the lead generation part of selling is just the start. You most likely want to qualify them even more before they schedule an appointment with you.

Of course, you can overdo it and end up with no one on your calendar, but most people who sell professionals do the opposite and schedule appointments with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. If you do that, you waste your time and your prospect’s time.

Take a look at your lead generation marketing and ask yourself, “Am I attracting the right prospects and repelling the wrong ones?”

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Persuade & Dissuade” Dee

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